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Ref. Abstract Title
2 Development of high performance walking training shoes by using hybrid pneumatic elements
Y. Hayakawa
36 Determination of Some Phenotypic Characters of Transgenic Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Genotypes in Greenhouse Condition
S. Saglam
78 New gene editing CRISPR-Cas9 and germ-line transformation technologies for barley improvement
O. Kershanskaya, J. Stephens
72 Amino Acids Profiling in Developing Seeds
T. Li, S. Atabayeva, U. Orazbayeva, Z. Spankulova
71 Influence of endogenous auxin on the regeneration process of germinating seeds of Malus Sieversii Ldb
S. Dolgikh, M. Issin, S. Soltanbekov
74 Optimization of transformation and regeneration of Polish apple cultivar (Malus domestica cv. Alwa)
M. Kropiwnicki, M. W. Kwiatkowska, W. Rymowicz
146 Production of rapeseed (Brassica napus) interspecific hybrids with rape (Brassica campestris) and mustard (Brassica juncea)
A. Daurova, D. Daurov, D. Volkov, M. Bakbergenova, K. Zhambakin, M. Shamekova
147 Production of disease free sweet potato planting material
D. Daurov, K. Zhapar, A. Daurova, D. Volkov, K. Zhambakin, M. Shamekova
148 Obtaining of glyphosate resistant wheat
K. Zhambakin, D. Volkov, M. Bakbergenova, B. Muhammad, M. Shamekova
177 Researches on the biostimulating and antidehiscent effect of products based on fish collagen crosslinked to rape crop
M Gidea, E.Stepan,, E.C Enascuta, C Gaidau, M.D. Niculescu, D.G. Epure, C. Cioineag, E.B. Sandulescu, L.I. Epure
211 Researches on the reaction of apple varieties to Monilinia fructigena fungus attack
L. Chitulescu, S. Cristea
230 Antibacterial and Antifungal Effects of Corchorous olitorius L. Leaf Extracts on Ten Standart Strains
G. Soykut, M. Guvenir, S. Susever, E. Becer, I. Calis, K. Suer
120 Antimicrobial Activity Of Chitosan Coated Silk Fibroin Micro-Fibers
T. Adali, P. C. Pwavodi, E. Guler, K. Suer
136 Isolation and characterization of goat colostrum stem cells
A. Nasalean, L. Ognean, E. Pall
144 SDF-1 modulates periodontal ligament-Mesenchymal Stem Cells (pdl-MSCs)
S. S. Hakki, S. B. Bozkurt, E. E. Hakki, E. Karaoz, A. Unlu, S. A. Kayis
191 Investigation of disease with related long non-coding RNAs functions in brain cancer stem cell
T. Balci, S. Yilmaz Süslüer, C. Kayabasi, B. Ozmen Yelken, C. B. Avci, C. Gunduz
235 Characterization Studies of Silk Fibroin-Eggshell Microparticles
H. U. Yavuz, P. Tulay, T. Fuatli, T. Adali
121 Open-source bioinformatics software
C. Vlagioiu, V. Vuta, F. Barbuceanu, G. Predoi, N. Tudor
165 Developing an in silico analysis portal for unrevealing genomic signature of Archaic DNA that are related to modern human genetic diseases
N. Senturk, M. C. Ergoren
175 Delivery of Morpholino Antisense Oligonucleotides Using DNA Tile-AuNPs Nanostructures
C. U. Tunc, M. Culha
273 Salinity and putrescine effects on DNA methylation changes in Triticum aestivum
M. S. Taspinar, M. Aydin, E. Arslan, B. Sigmaz, G. Agar
282 Heat Stress Alleviation by Exogenous Ascorbic Acid Application: Changes in Peroxidase Isoenzyme and Protein Patterns of Common Bean Plants
C. Aydogan, E.Turhan, Y. Harman, E. Koca
296 Bioassisted Azeotropic Soxhlet Extraction of Mustard Oilseeds
M. Popescu, M. D. Avram, F. Oancea, C. Lupu, C. P. Cornea
280 Influence of using perlite and organic fertilizers for growing hydroponic tomatoes
Chelaru C., Draghici E. M.
281 Influence of organic fertilizers on the development and quality of cultivated lettuce in without soil system
Stoian M., Draghici E. M.
243 Investigation of Micropropagation via Spore Culture Technique in Some Fern Species ( "" Asplenium scolopendrium "" and "" Asplenium adiantum-nigrum "" L.) Grown in Turkey
T. Izgu, M. Tutuncu, B. Bicen, B. Sevindik, O. Yilmaz, G. Kaynak, Y. A. Kacar, N. Y. Y. Mendi
313 Seed germination under salt stress conditions in two Amaranthus species
M. Bellache, M. A. Hassan, S. Arteaga, L. A. Benfekih, M. Boscaiu, O.Vicente
492 Management of Rabies diagnosis in Romania according to OIE recommendations and in the frame of ISO 17025:2005 and ISO 17043:2010
F. Barbuceanu, G. Predoi, V. Vuta
506 A Robotics Laboratory for Bio-Engineering Students
S. V.Paturca, D. Petre, A. M. Dumitrescu, V. Bostan, I. Bostan, R. Beloiu
509 Impact of HHP on microbiota and rheological properties of liquid egg white, a kinetic study
A. Tóth, C. Németh, F. Horváth, I. Zeke, L. Friedrich
331 Optimization of growth medium for biocontrol Streptomyces strains
X. Chen, J. Li
340 Breeding for Introgression of FAD2-1A and FAD2-1B Genes to Local Soybean Cultivars of Turkey
R. Ustun, B. Uzun
372 Study of 18S rRNA 5'-terminus discrete fragmentation in plants under different stress conditions
A. V. Zhigailov, V. Y. Kislitsin, D. K. Beisenov, N. S. Polimbetova, B. K. Iskakov
381 New remediation technology of agricultural soils polluted with crude-oil spillage
D. E. Maria, D. Cristina, S. Virgil, P. Maria
389 Inducing Salt Tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Varieties by Gamma Radiation
A. Ayan, O. Celik, S. Meric, C. Atak
391 O-H-C Stable Isotopes as Discriminant Markers for Fruits Botanical Origin
O. R. Botoran, R. Popescu, D. Costinel, R. E. Ionete
392 Comparing Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) Cultivars Using NMR, C/H/N Analysis and δ13C-IRMS
R. Popescu, O. R. Botoran, D. Costinel, F. Bucura, R. E. Ionete, A. Scutelnicu, M. Botu
401 Genetic Bases of Tomatо and Sweet Pepper Marker-assisted Selection in Belarus
A. Kilchevsky, O. Babak, N. Nekrashevich, T. Nikitinskaya, C. Yatsevich
416 Antagonisms of two biocontrol Streptomyces strains against tobacco pathogens
X. Chen, J. Li, P. Cortesi, L. Peng, M. Saracchi, C. Pizzatti, A. Kunova, M. Yang
425 Expression of Potato Virus S gRNA Fragments In Transgenic Potato Plants Triggers RNA-Interference Against Related and Unrelated Viruses
O. Karpova, A. Alexandrova, R. Nargilova, B. Iskakov
471 Creation of the source material of wheat by the methods of genetics, biotechnology and selection in North Kazakhstan
A. Turganbayeva, A. Kakimzhanova, G. Sheck, Z. Zhanybekova
477 Effects of various media components on micropropagation, rosmarinic acid content and essential oil profiles of micropropagated plantlets of Thymus leucotrichus Hal.
T. Bekircan, M. Cuce, M. Sokmen, A. Sokmen
486 Investigation of Tos-17 Transposon Mobility in Salt Stressed Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Plants by IRAP Method
S. Meric, O. Celik, A. Ayan, B. Gunduz, C. Atak
488 Two-dimensional Protein Profiles of Drought Tolerant Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) Mutants Improved by Gamma Radiation
A. Ayan, O. Celik, S. Meric, B. Topcuoglu, C. Atak
490 Magnetic Field Induced Production of Anti-cancer Agent Vincristine From Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) Plant
O. Celik, S. Meric, A. Ayan, M. Tas, C. Avcilar, C. Atak
499 Antibacterial effect of methanolic extract of Aronia melanocarpa against Salmonella typhimurium strains isolated from wild birds
D. Olah, M. Niculae, C. D. Sandru, Z. Diaconeasa, M. Spinu, C. Cerbu, E. Pall
505 Reduction of in vitro plant growth as an effect of pathogenic bacteria interaction.
W. Przewodowski, A. Przewodowska, D. Michałowska, K. Salamońska, D. Szarek, W. Stochła, D. Sekrecka
507 Commercialization of the technology of microclonal propagation of tree plants for industrial use for greening in cities
A. Kakimzhanova, V. Karimova, A. Nurtaza
337 Preservation and micropropagation of cyclamen species using biotechnological methods
T. Izgu, B. Sevindik, M. Tutuncu, P. Curuk, O. Simsek, Y. A. Kacar, N. Y. Y. Mendi
359 Large scale megakaryocytic precursor production using MSC conditioned medium
M. Y. Yazykova, D. Klyuchnikov
346 Isolation and Screening of Actinomycetes from Ulva lactuca Compost Sample for Their Enzymatic and Antibacterial Activities
H. Kati, Z. S. Topatan, S. Yildirim, M. Turkmen
385 Using biological technologies for preservation of Malus Sieversii natural populations in the Zhongar–Alatau State National Nature Park of Kazakhstan
A. Bakhtaulova
508 DNA-genotyping of plant populations using universal markers ITS and rbcL
A. Yessimseitova, Z. Zhanybekova, A. Muranets, A. Tassova, A. Kakimzhanova
518 Development of hyaluronan-based injectable hydrogel for delivery neurotrophic factors and mesenchymal stem cells spinal cord injury repair
S. Baidosova, Y. Li, G. Zhubanova, V. Aleynikov, T. Kerimbayev, S. Akshulakov, Y. Ramankulov, V. Ogay
376 Researches concerning the physiological determinations of the forest species installed on the lands under improvement
M. Moatar, S. Donatella, D. Petru, M. Cosmin, S. Carolina, I. Tiberiu, C. Dorin, B. Constantin, P. Andreea, S. Sorin
533 Principles of Bio-monitoring and Electronic Records Stored in Data Bases, Applied by Software Development in Bio-engineering Laboratory
S. V. Paturca, C. M. Danescu, C. K. Banica, S. D. Grigorescu, G. Seritan
198 Monitoring of soil pollution by heavy metals in roadside areas of Astana city (Kazakhstan)
A. Perzadayeva, G. Satybaldiyeva, N. Auyezova, N. Nurbayeva, A. Tuyakbayeva, Z. Seitova, Z. Abdiyeva, N. Zhumadilova, G. Abilbekov, A. Turgali
215 The natural environment and the regional characteristics- elements that define the structure of the territorial fund/agricultural real estate of Lipovei Hills
A. A. Alina, T. Dorin
535 Effects of Different Media on Micropropagation and Rooting of Myrtle (Myrtus communis L.) in In Vitro Conditions
B. Bicen, D. Donmez, O. Simsek, Y. A. Kacar
370 Nanotechnological applications on seafood quality
Z. Ceylan, A. A. Vicente
424 Adipose-derived perivascular stem cells promote sensorimotor recovery after ischemic stroke in rats
V. Ogay, V. Kumasheva, S. Baidosova, Y. Li, A. Shpekov, Y. Makhambetov, A. Kaliyev, B. Zhetpisbayev, F. Olzhayev, Y. Ramankulov
386 Ethical consideration of biotechnological invasive and conventional clinical orthodontic applications
C. Sin, U. Oz
593 The Correlation of Genotype-Phenotype of FMF Disease And Its Review Of Statistical Data
F. Yavuz, R. Bayramov, S. Kenanoglu, M. E. Dogan, M. C. Gunes, M. Boz, C. Saatci, Y. Ozkul, M. Dundar
594 Frequency of Chromosome Variants In Families With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss And Statistical Analysis of Infertility
B. Gunsili, R. Bayramov, S. Kenanoglu, M. E. Dogan, M. C. Gunes, C. Saatçi, Y. Ozkul, M. Dundar
595 Retrospective Results Of 18 Years Prenatal Diagnosis Cases And Its Evaluation
R. Bayramov, S. Kenanoglu, M. Basbug, M. C. Gunes, M. E. Dogan, Y. Ozkul, C. Saatci, M. Dundar
592 Epidemiological studies on the first outbreaks of Bluetongue in Romania
C. Diaconu, D. Hristescu, F. Barbuceanu, V. Vuta, G. Predoi
596 Graphene oxide supported p(AAm)/PANI cryogel polymer composites and its potential sensor application to paraquat, glyphospahte, nitrophenol, methylene blue, methyl orange
C. Silan, N. Sahiner, S. Demirci
290 Antimycotic activity of Thymus vulgaris essential oil against cereals storage moulds
R. Dudoiu, C. Petrisor, V. Fatu, C. Lupu, S. Cristea
598 Combination of radiosensitizer Silver nanoparticles and DIDS promote necrosis cell death in U251 human glioblastoma cell line.
F. Ragonese, C. Arcuri, C. Mecca, L. Mancinelli, E. Albi, S. Flamini, O. Bereshchenko, S. Bruscoli, B. D. Papa, C. Riccardi, P. Sportoletti, B. Fioretti
New poster presentations continuously are added to the list. Please visit this page frequently for updates.
Ref. Abstract Title
47 Bioleaching as a method of zinc removal from copper-zinc sulfide concentrate
M. Muravyov, N. Fomchenko
101 Impact Of Immobilization Techniques Of Brewing Strain " Saccharomyces Cerevisiae " On Fermentation Kinetics
L. Pinguli, I. Malollari, R. Troja, A. Bacu, V. Gurazi, T. Vaso
138 Evaluation of hydrodynamic parameters and rheological behaviours for Haematococcus pluvialisproduction in stirred tank photobioreactor
B. Aslanbay, I. Deniz, Z. Demirel, S. Oncel, E. Imamoglu
34 Content of iron in rice plants under cadmium stress
S. Atabayeva, A. S. Nurmahanova, S. S. Asrandina, R. A. Alybayeva, T. Li
65 Biodegrataion of diclofenac by Funalia trogii
Y. D. Aracagok, H. Goker, N. Cihangir
117 Biological activity of selected yeast strains against phytopathogenic fungi
B. Zarowska, X. Połomska, M. Grzegorczyk, K. Banach, D. Ciurko
163 Environmental Viromes for Monitoring of Infectious Agents
A. Turmagambetova, M. Alexyuk, P. Alexyuk, A. Bogoyavlenskiy, V. Berezin
172 Biodegradation of indigo carmine with lignin peroxidase as biocatalyst and further degradation of indigo carmine with polyaniline-Bi2FeVO7 as catalyst
J. Luan, S. Li, Y. Shen
181 Ecological protection of fruit nurseries from pests in Kazakhstan
D. Absatarova, G. Kairova, B. Lozowicka
207 Biomonitoring of metals by aquatic mosses in a mining region
P. Favas, J. Pratas, R. D'Souza, M. Varun, M. Paul
13 Anaerobic biotechnology for the treatment of dairy wastewater in food industry
F. Yangilar
75 Microbial Transglutaminase Production Using Industrial Food Wastes
I. Turker, M. Tokatli, H. Isleroglu, B. Koc
80 Application of L. plantarum O1 Producer of Plantaricin NC8 (PLNC8) in Biopreservation of Aquatic Food Products
I. Canak, K. Markov, Z. Jakopovic, A. Starcevic, A. Gavrilovic, J. J. Dujakovic, J. Frece
84 Impact of neutrase and transglutaminase treatment on the antigenicity of soy and wheat proteins
I. Aprodu, L. Patrascu, I. Banu
85 Characterization of Two Commercial Chitosans
K. Tokatli, A. Demirdoven
89 FT-IR spectroscopy as a method to detected cell surface components of Gluconobacter oxydans involved in the bacteria OTA interaction
Z. Jakopovic, J. Mrvcic, J. Pleadin, L. Barisic, J. Frece, I. Canak, K. Markov
98 Biochemical analysis of cheese products during their maturation period
L. Marcuta, A. Marcuta, C. Diaconescu, S. Purdoiu, L. Purdoiu
55 Evaluation of milk hygienic quality in milk processing plant: parameters of the mammary gland's health and milking instruments' hygiene
G. Stefan, S. Baraitareanu, D. Cobzariu, M. C. Popp, M. V. Campeanu, D. Danes
102 Detoxification of chestnut shell hemicellulosic hydrolysate for xylitol production by Candida tropicalis
K. Eryasar, S. Karasu Yalcin
127 Kinetic modelling of xylitol production by Candida tropicalis cultivated in chestnut shell hemicellulosic hydrolysate
K. Eryasar, S. Karasu Yalcin
130 Protein Cross Linker Enzymes and Food Applications
M. Tokatli, G. Domurcuk, I. Turker, H. Isleroglu
184 Assessment of the quality and safety of raw milk obtained in organic farming
L. I. Ilie, I. Neagu, M. O. Ghimpeteanu
187 The comparative study on the Pb and Cd concentration in Stizostedion lucioperca and Carassius carassius meat
M. Elena, T. Laurentiu, S. Violeta, P. Monica, A. I. Cristina
188 Prevention of diseases in the beekeeping holdings - an essential condition for obtaining organic honey
I. R. Dobre, A. Marmandiu, G. Gajaila, G. Cotor, M. Ghita, C. Fernoaga
183 Mycotoxins in malting and brewing by-products used for animal feed
V. Krstanovic, B. Sarkanj, N. Velic, K. Mastanjevic, B. Santek, K. Mastanjevic
193 Optimization of fucoxanthin extraction with different techniques from Phaeodactylum tricornutum
S. Akyil, I. Ilter, M. Koc, A. Seker Erdogan, Z. Demirel, M. Conk Dalay, F. K. Ertekin
223 Simultaneous Determination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Organochlorine Pesticides in Fish Tissue Using QuEChERS Method
P. Adun, K. Suer, H. Siddiqi
227 Occurrence of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Various Seafood of Northern Cyprus
K. Suer, I. Kademi, M. Guvenir, S. Susever, P. Adun, G. Zebere
64 New isolate of Trichoderma atroviride and its application in bioconversion of lignocellulosic waste materials
A. Kancelista, W. Laba, T. Janeczko, M. Piegza, D. Witkowska
129 Compositions containing microencapsulated essential oils and plant biostimulants, for sustainable agriculture
E. Stepan, S. Velea, D. G. Epure, C. C. Gaidau, M. D. Niculescu, M. Gidea
140 Research on Expression of the Related Genes with 1-Butanol Production in Schizosacharomyces pombe
E. Kanimdan, E. Arican
261 Inhibitory effects of Dendrobium nobile on cisplatin induced acute kidney injury
T. W. Kim, S. R. Park, J. Y. Jung
264 Comparative analysis of enzyme activity in wheat, rye, triticale, oat and barley
I. Banu, C. A. Bolea, I. Aprodu
254 Bioproducts based on collagen and keratin for seeds and plant treatment
C. C. Gaidau, M. D. Niculescu, D. G. Epure, E. Stepan, M. Gidea
256 Biotechnological Application of Chitinolytic Enzymes from Trichoderma asperellum for the Biocontrol of Aedes aegypti
A. A. Silveira, J. P. Andrade, A. C. Peixoto Guissoni, H. G. Silva, G. L. Souza, K. F. Fernandes
258 Recombinant industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for bioconversion of cellobiose
I. Smekenov, S. Taipakova, A. Bissenbaev
171 The bio-hydrogen production by proteus, shigella and enterobacter aerogenes from wastewater which contained teal oil, camellia oil or flaxseed oil
J. Luan, Y. Shen, Y. Li
287 Energy and exergy analysis of biodiesel
M. Ozcanli, H. Serin, A. Calik, K. Celebi, M. A. Akar
288 A review on performance and emission characteristics of biodiesel produced from animal fat
M. A. Akar, M.Ozcanli, O. Bas, A. Keskin, H. Serin
289 Comparison of transesterification and thermal cracking methods on fuel specifications of castor oil biodiesel
H. Serin, M. A. Akar, S. Yildizhan, F. Ekinci, M. Ozcanli
169 Investigation on biocatalyzed artificial photosynthesis
J. Luan, Y. Shen, N. Guo
170 The decolourization and removal of methyl orange with sweet potato peroxidase as biocatalyst and the toxicological assessment of its degradation products
J. Luan, Y. Zhuang, Y. Shen
248 Determination of Paper Bleaching Potentials of Some Ligninolytic Enzymes Produced in Operon Form
S. Canakci, A. Ozer, U. Uzuner, H. I.Guler, A. O. Belduz, I. Deniz
267 Identification of the Transactivator Proteins of Chilo Iridescent Virus (CIV) Immediate Early Genes
A. Yesilyurt, E. Ozsahin, Z. Demirbag, K. Sezen, I. Demir, R. Nalcacioglu
297 Screening of New Fungal Isolates for Synthetic Dyes Decolourisation Ability
N. Velić, H. Pavlović, J. Gorenšek, A. Kezerle, K. Mastanjević, D. Velić
307 Management of mycotoxin contamination in stored grains by using ecological means
C. Lupu, R. Dudoiu, V. Fatu, M. Popescu, E. Radu, F. Oancea
309 Influence of different liquid media on Beauveria brongniartii biomass and pathogenicity
A. C. Fatu, M. M. Dinu, A. M. Andrei
325 Preparation and characterization of nisin-loaded magnetic nanoparticles
R. Gruskiene, T. Krivorotova, R. Staneviciene, D. Ratautas, E. Serviene, J.Sereikaite
178 Detection of vvha gene of Vibrio vulnificus and trh gene of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from Black Sea oysters using RT-PCR method
Tudor L., Mitranescu E., Simion V., Pirvu M., Tudor A. L.
195 Evaluation of some Romanian bread products quality in correlation with food safety
O. M. Ghimpețeanu, L. Ilie, I. Neagu
311 Microbial Transformation of α-Bisabolol Towards Bioactive Metabolites
Z. Firat, F. Demirci, B. Demirci, K. H. C. Baser
368 Stereoselective biocatalysis in green solvents
M. Panic, P. Marin, D. Hrestak, M.a Rajn, V. Fičko, I. R. Redovniković, M. C. Bubalo
449 Immobilization of beta-galactosidase on glass cloth rolls – efficiency study
D. Pečar, K. Zečević, A. Goršek
303 Production of GH11 xylanase for bakery industry by solid state fermentation
G. E. Tekkol, S. Sargın, S. Karacanci, C. Pembeci, S. Mandaci, I. H. Akgun, B. Altinel, G. Ongen
358 Effect of maltose on cell growth and amylase production by Lactobacillus amylovorus DSM 20531T
A. Slavica, I. Inkret, I. Jakša, R. Teparić, B. Šantek, S. Novak
418 "The Role of Tourism in Socio-Economic Development of Romania"
L. C. Pirvulescu, M. M. Marean, T. Iancu, G. Popescu, C. Sirbulescu, T. C. Adamov
436 Using terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) as a preliminary tool to screening microbial community of an environmental waters
Z. Hrehova
470 Removal of rhodamine B from wastewater with the myrothecium verrucaria or denitrifying bacteria which was loaded by zeolite
J. Luan, P. Huang, Y. Shen
473 Evaluation of the biodegradation effectiveness of a persistent xenobiotic compound: study of the influence of some process parameters
S. Hemidouche, L. Favier, A. Amrane, Z. Sadaoui
483 Removal of crystal violet from wastewater by using bio-electrochemical anaerobic system unit equipment
J. Luan, Y. Shen, W. Hu
484 Quality of tourist services - analysis of tourist services from rural tourism wine-growing units
S. Constantinescu, S. Trifu, R. Ciolac, R. Lile, I. Csosz
485 Tourist product - an important element of ensuring the rural environment sustainability
R. Ciolac, B. Ariton, S. Constantinescu, O. Murg, I. Csosz
344 Predictive Model of Clostridium perfringens Growth in Egg Products
S. Suh, W. S. Choi, N. Son, J. A. Han, G. T. Chung, J. H. Hong
352 Effect of magnesium salts addition on white wheat flour dough rheological properties
G. G. Codina, D. Zaharia, S. Ropciuc, A.Dabija
374 Structural and physicochemical properties of emulsified alginate-based film coatings for food products
N. Marian, C. M. Alina, B. V. Giorgiana, M. Gabriel, V. Camelia
384 Study concerning the influence of different fibres addition in yogurt on its rheological, physicochemical and sensory characteristics
A. Dabija, A. M.Gâtlan, G. G.Codină
388 Influence of plant extracts on bacterial adhesion
A. Huđek, F. Čučković, V. B. Družina, A.Bušić, A. B. Cvitanović, D. Komes, K. Durgo
404 Enhancement of the olive oil oxidative stability by phenolics extracts from cultivated blueberry in microemulsions and in liposomes
P. Bošković, N. Mrduljaš, A. R. Jambrak, I. Drvenica, G. Krešić, R. Belužić, B. Bugarski, T. Bilušić
420 A comparison between low amplitude oscillaltory shear and forced flow in determining honey rheological behavior
G. V. B. Costea, M. Neculau, L. Patrascu, C. Vizireanu
439 Constitutive expression of bacterial phytase appA in high-density cell culture of Pichiapastoris
S. Kirillov, D. Silayev, S. Abeldenov, E. Ramanculov, B. Khassenov
445 Stable Isotopes (O-H-C) – Optimum Markers in Protecting Designation of Origin (PDO) and Geographical Indication (PGI) of Romanian Wines
D. Costinel, R. E. Ionete, O. R. Botoran, R. Popescu, I. E. Geana
454 Study regarding methods of diversification of the agro-food products offer
S. Marin, C. Petroman, S. Albu, F. Baba, A. Milin, D. Marin
455 Expression of camel (Camelus bactrianus) and bovine (Bos Taurus) chymosin in Pichia (Komagataella) pastoris.
Z. Akishev, S. Abeldenov, E.Ramanculov, B.Khassenov
456 Proposal for some improvement measures of obtaining meat’s management at ovine species
A. G. Trica, I. Petroman, I. Iosim, C. Petroman, A. Firu, D. Marin
458 Study regarding the consumption of meat from self consumption in function of it's provenance species
D. Marin, D. Ienovan, I. Petroman, C. Petroman, A. Csaholczi, R. Ciolac
469 Antioxidant activity of high-pressure processed tangerine juice
D. Ježek, S. Karlović, T. Bosiljkov, M. Marelja, M. Škegro, F. Dujmić
487 Model reference adaptive control of carbon dioxide production in milk fermentation process
J. Ritonja
512 Goji berries supplementation improves productive performance of rabbit
G. Brecchia, B. Fioretti, T. Beccari, O. Barbato, I. E. Filipescu, L. Vecchione, L. Menchetti
174 The bio-hydrogen production by yersinia's genus, pasteurella and acinetobacter from wastewater which contained walnut oil, grape seed oil or gear oil
J. Luan, H. Bian, Y. Shen
383 Spectroscopic analysis of the oil obtained from seeds of Cynara cardunculus L. grown in Southeastern Romania
C. Bolohan, V. Ionescu, C. A. Oprea, N. Capatana
402 Biosurfactant Production By A Lactic Acid Bacteria Strain With Antifungal Properties
G. M. Matei, S. Matei, A. Matei, E. M. Draghici
450 Biogas production from chicken manure pretreated with wood decay fungi Trametes versicolor and Pleurotus ostreatus
D. Pečar, J. Smerkolj, F. Pohleven, A. Goršek
466 Cellulosic ethanol production using novel marine yeast and seawater-based fermentation medium
A. S. Zaky, P. Waldron, G. A. Tucker, C. Du
482 Effects of anion and cation on foam formation with rhamnolipids
I. Anic, S. Tewes, A. Nath, R. Wichmann
330 Heavy Metal Resistance of Microorganisms from Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils Located in Mersin, Turkey
H. Ogutcu, F. Kantar, M. Y. E. Karaman
405 The removal of pentachlorophenol with laccase as polyphenol oxidase and the toxicological evaluation of the degradation products
J. Luan, Y. Shen
475 Removal of methylene blue from wastewater with the Cerrena bacterial strain or whiterot fungi loaded by Na-montmorillonite
J. Luan, Y. Shen, Y. Cui
167 Renewable hydrogen production from renewable water by the photoreaction of novel photocatalyst polythiophene-Gd2FeSbO7 under visible light irradiation
J. Luan, Y. Shen
423 Impact of delignification on xylan extraction from walnut shell
A. V. Cebin, A. B. Cvitanovic, A. Busic, D. Komes
461 Bioproducts containing cross-linked hydrolyzed proteins and biostimulants for rapeseed culture
C. E. Enascuta, E. Stepan, S. Velea, E. E. Oprescu, M. Gidea, C. C., M. B.
302 Waste gas biotreatment
Z. Ramona, N. Violeta, M. Marius, I. Andreea, P. Nadia, C. Cristina
489 Associative microorganisms that promote the growth and development of maize
R. Aipova
539 Isolation, Identification and Fermentation of Bacterial Strains from Chickpea Soak
R. Kyyaly, M. Lawand, F. Khatib, M. A. Kyyaly
546 Multi-Fragment Melting Analysis System (MFMAS); A novel Approach for Identification of Lactobacillus species
Z. Kesmen, O. Kilic, F. O. Ozkök, M. Celik
479 Novel Starter Combinations for Yogurt Production
Z. Ceti̇n, A. G. K. Cakmakci
353 Isolation and identification of thermophilic bacteria, microalgae and fungi from "Aguas Hediondas" geothermal spring in Tulcán, Ecuador
R. G. Rivas, C. Varela, R. Naranjo, Y. Naranjo, A. Koch, L. Cumbal, A. Izquierdo
216 Isolation and identification of thermophilic bacteria, microalgae and fungi from "Aguas Hediondas" geothermal spring in Tulcán, Ecuador
U. R. Petru, T. Dorin
552 Chlorophyl Mutations In Haricot Plants Treated With Mutagens
M. Kodhelaj, A. Ylli
568 Assessment of Microbiological Status of Liquid Pasteurized Egg Products Produced in Romania
A. C. Nistor, L. I. N. Cotfas, M. G. Usturoi
578 Okara valorization process by fermentation with Bacillus licheniformis: Obtention of hydrolytic enzymes, bioactive compounds, and protein hydrolysates
A. O. Gomez, J. P. Rubio, M. T. Moral, B. R. Morgado, P. C. Jimenez
588 Effects of different hot water extracts of mixed vegetables on cancer cells growth
Y. J. Park, H. J. Lim
511 Autoselection of Cyanobacterium sp. IPPAS B-1200 strain – potential producer of biodiesel
A. Usserbayeva, B. Zayadan, D. Los, F. Sarsekeyeva, K. Bolatkhan, A. Baizhigitova, A. Sadvakasova
585 Enzymatic digestion by bacillus: a new biological pre-treatment to improve sewage sludge methanization
J. P. Rubio, P. C. Jimenez, S. M. Benitez, M. T. Moral, B. R. Morgado
587 A proteomic analysis of extracellular secretion profile of Bacillus licheniformis using sewage sludge as the sole fermentation media
B. R. Morgado, A. G. Quintanilla, M. T. Moral, P. C. Jimenez, S. M. Benitez, J. P. Rubio
591 Isolation and selection of active bacteria with ability to degrade heavy fuel oil
A. Z. Ayupova, A. S. Sarsenova, A. A. Kurmanbayev
  Primary brain tumor MEG3 and NRF2 investigation of gene expression
A. Comertman, Y. Erdem, H. Akalin, M. Dundar
  Association of the thrombopholia panel with breast and/or ovarian cancer risk
D. B. Mermer, N. Coskun, H. Akalın, R. Bayramov, M. G. Önal, C. Saatçi, Y. Ozkul, M. Dündar
  The effect of CYP2C19*2 Polymorphism on Clopidogrel resistance in COPD Patients
Z. F. Kılık, R. Bayramov, Y. Erdem, H. Akalın

New poster presentations continuously are added to the list. Please visit this page frequently for updates.
Ref. Abstract Title
201 Researches Regarding the Assessment of Heritability and Phenotypic, Genotypic and Environmental Correlations in some Traits of a Laying Hen Line
I. Neagu, M. O. Ghimpeteanu, L. I. Ilie
56 Determination of ovarian activity and follicular dynamics with laparoscopic technique in estrus synchronized ewes with different methods in breeding and out of the breeding seasons
U. Sen, E. Sirin, H. Onder
189 Characterization of Muscle Fibers in Turkish Native Goat Breeds
E. Sirin, U. Sen, E. Soydan, M. Kuran
202 Researches regarding Factors affecting the Quality of Buffalo Spermatozoa
N. E. Stanciu, D. Tapaloaga, D. Moru, M. Marin, P. R. Tapaloaga
209 Comparative Researches concerning Artificial Reproduction with Pituitary Extract and GnRH in Carp
I. Albu, D. Tapaloaga, G. Dinita, M. T. Paraschivescu, P. R. Tapaloaga
194 The Origin of Turkish Native Chickens, Denizli and Gerze
H. Meydan, M. A. Yildiz, S. Weigend
226 Association Between the MspI Polymorphism in Growth Hormone Gene and Milk Yield in Holstein Cows
E. Sahin, M. Soner Balcioglu, T. Karsli, E. Demir
234 Thelazia callipaeda infection in dogs from Bucharest and surrounding areas
P. Tudor, I. Ionascu
224 MRI findings in brain tumors in dogs
A. G. Neagu, M. Savescu, G. Predoi, C. Micsa, N. Tudor, C. Vlagioiu
240 MRI findings in itervertebral disc disease on thoracolumbar spine in dogs
M. Savescu, A. G. Neagu, C. Vlagioiu, N. Tudor, G. Predoi, I. Raus
31 Effect of nitrosyl iron complexes (donors NO) on activity of myeloperoxidase, biomarker of heart diseases
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M. S. Ozdenefe, S. Dincer, M. U. Unal, H. A. M. Takci, F. B. Kayis, A. Arkut
159 Production and Characterization of L-Asparaginase from Native Bacillus sp
Z. Hosseinpour Feizi, H. K. Guvenmez
263 Freeze-Drying Microencapsulation of Anthocyanins from Sour Cherries in the β-Lactoglobulin Matrices
N. Stanciuc, A. M. Oancea, I. O. Ghinea, V. Barbu, G. Bahrim, G. Rapeanu, I. Aprodu
3 Characterization of RHAMM-target peptides as a promising biomarkers for the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer
N. P. Akentieva, A. R. Gizatullin
6 Cost analysis: Rabies Tissue Culture Infective Test versus Mouse Inoculation Test used in Rabies diagnosis in Romania
V. Vuta, F. Barbuceanu, G. Predoi, C. Vlagioiu
46 Immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry methods in diagnose of human cryptosporidiosis
M. G. Narcisa, M. A. Ovidiu, D. Gheorghe, G. Andreea, I. Sorin
96 Rapid prototyping and three-dimensional printing of surgical instruments for children: first impressions
E. Mammadov, E. Aytac
126 Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition And Zinc Chelation In Pilocarpine-Induced Seizure
B. Noyan, M. S. Jensen, G. Danscher
92 In vitro inhibition of hyaluronidase by chemical substances
S. Tunali, H. D. Ozmen, R. Yanardag
164 Changes in phospholipidic composition of erythrocytic membranes and oxygen-binding capacity of hemoglobin in experimental hypoxia
T. A. Stolbova, V. V. Revin, I. P. Grunyushkin, N. V. Gromova, E. S. Revina, I. N. Solomadin, A. Y. Tychkov
166 The regulatory role of the erythrocytic membranes’ lipid components in ensuring oxygen-binding capacity of hemoglobin in cardiovascular diseases
K. V. Prosnikova, V. V. Revin, N. V. Gromova, E. S. Revina, A. I. Seikina, N. V. Revina, I. N. Solomadin, A. Y. Tychkov, I. Y. Moiseeva
176 Silk fibroin exerts an antiulcer effect by increasing bcl-2/bax ratio in rat model
A. Aykac, A. Ozer Sehirli, B. Karanlik
205 Determination of Ns3 Inhibitors Drug Resistance Mutations in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients Infected with Genotype 1
M. Sayan, S. Akcali, E. Kasap, T. Buran, A. Arikan
210 Blood compatibility studies of silk fibroin-polyethylene glycol dimethacrylate microfibers
F. Zor, R. Kalkan, E. Becer, T. Sanlidag, T. Adali
213 "In vitro" testing of the antimicrobial action of certain hydroalcoholic plant extracts to control major bacterial diseases in bees
S. Vasilica, S. Agripina, N. Carmen, R. Ion, T. Petrut, P. Cristina Stefania
214 Evaluating the concentration in polyphenolic compounds of plant extracts to control major bacterial infections in bees
S. Agripina, S. Vasilica, R. Ion, P. Aneta, D. Mimi, M. F. Gheorghe, C. Victor, B. Dan, P. C. Stefania
190 The Anatomical Location of Infraorbital Foramen
V. C. Dobrea, A. A. Popescu, M. Dobrea, A. I. Milea, M. Georgescu, A. Sapcaliu, I. Radoi
222 The effects of different calcium channel blockers on frequency, amplitude and acetylcholine-induced contractions on isolated rat duodenum
E. Koc
225 Considerations on the cytomorphologic and histopathologic diagnosis of some breast cancers in canines and felines
E. Balint, D. Lastofka, N. Manolescu, L. Z. Raduly
231 The effects of fooder supplementation with organic selenium on body weight and body temperature in broiler chickens
A. Raduta, D. Curca
99 Diamond nanoparticles for image-guided drug delivery application
Y. C. Lin, Z. R. Lin, C. C. Chang, E. Perevedentseva, C. L. Cheng
103 Nanodiamond-mediated drug delivery in 2D- and 3D- cultured cellular models
Z. R. Lin, Y. C. Lin, K. T. Wu, P. Elena, C. L. Cheng
118 In vitro cytogenotoxic effect of eucalyptol
H. B. Ila, E. Ozdemir
160 The Effect of Environmental Conditions on Rec12 Gene Expression and Homologous Recombination in Schizosaccharomyces pombe
D. Yilmaz, S. K. Uzuner
228 MYC Regulated Long Non-Coding RNAs Could Have Roles in Development of Breast Cancer
E. Tokgun, O. Tokgun, S. Kurt, G. Tomatir, H. Akca
229 Transfer of Plasmid by Conjugation in Salmonella Typhimurium Strains Which Have Exended Broad Spectrum Beta Lactamases
S. Susever
249 Midazolam-fentanyl-ketamine infusion provides miorelaxation for laparoscopic abdominal procedures
C. Micsa, D. Togoe, E. Balint, A. G. Neagu, K. Houshaimy, A. Sonea
271 Bronchoalveolar lavage findings in dogs with pulmonary lesions
D. Togoe, K. Houshaimy, A. G. Neagu, C. Micsa
241 Genetic modifiers of HbF production and effects of elevated HbF levels on clinical phenotype: the case of Turkish Cypriot patients with β-thalassemia
K. Terali, M. C. Ergoren, E. Akdeniz
244 Histopathological modifications in sciatic nerve allograph in wistar rats
D. Lastofka, N. Manolescu, E. Balint, R. Costea, M. M. Ionescu
245 Surgery technique models of sciatic nerve allograph in wistar rats
M. M. Ionescu, R. Costea, E. Balint, D. Lastofka
270 Identifying the knowledge of hygiene and sanitation levels of kitchen personel working in the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus hospitals
F. Hacet, S. Susever, K Suer, Y. Beyhan
274 Synthesis and characterization of some 5-chloro-2(3H)-benzoxazolone derivatives and their analgesic activities
Y. Mulazim, C. Berber, H. Erdogan, M. H. Ozkan, B. Kesanli
237 Micromycetes from the genus Aspergillus as perspective producers of proteases effecting on human haemostasis proteins
A. Osmolovskiy, E. Zvonareva, A. Orehova, E. Rukavitsyna, D. Bednenko, E. Popova
269 Silencing of fetuin-A protects against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity
B. H. Lee, K. Yo Lee, H. Sim, J. Park, W. Lee
272 Cytotoxic activity of "Daniellia oliveri" extract in human colon cancer cell lines
A. H. Mericli, E. Becer, M. I. Muhammad, F. Mericli, D. Yigit Hanoglu, A. Hanoglu, S. Vatansever
275 Cytotoxic Activity of "Colchicum pusillum" extract in human colon carcinoma cell lines
F. Mericli, E. Becer, A. Hanoglu, D. Yigit Hanoglu, D. Ozkum Yavuz, S. Vatansever, A. H. Mericli
277 Potential Role of Solid Lipid Nanoparticles in Overcoming The Acquired Tamoxifen Resistance of Breast Cancer
G. Cecener, G. Guney Eskiler, U. Egeli, B. Tunca
293 Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil of Thymus capitatus L. Collected From Three Different Regions in Northern Cyprus Against Helicobacter pylori
M. Guvenir, D. Y. Hanoglu, A. Hanoglu, K. Suer, D. Ozkum Yavuz, T. Sanlidag
317 Alkaline, Thermostable,Thermophilic and Chelator Resistant Type II Pullulanase from Native Isolate Anoxybacillus sp.
N. Arabaci, B. Arikan
321 The relationship between shelter management and fattening cattle welfare
I. C. Andronie, M. Parvu, C. Mortasivu, V. Andronie, E. Mitranescu
320 Investigation of the effect on Rose Bengal dye to "" Candida albicans"" by XTT colorimetric assay
M. Ulusoy, I. Celebier, O. I. Yayalar, N. Keskin
332 The Expression Of Myc Regulates Cellular Prolıferatıon And Apoptosıs Through Tgf-Beta Receptor Dependent Manner
E. R. Karagur, O. Tokgun, H. Akca
334 Analytical performance of DxN Veris System in the Viral Load Quantification of Hepatitis C Virus
M. Sayan, T. Sanlidag, A. Arikan
208 Studies Regarding Buck Sperm Quality before and after Cryopreservation Technology
D. Moru, I. Neagu, D. Tapaloaga, M. T. Paraschivescu, N. E. Stanciu, P. R. Tapaloaga
180 Protective effect of silk fibroin on apoptotic protein expressions in burn rat model
A. Aykac, B. Karanlik, A. O. Sehirli
186 Investigation of the Effects of {Trametes Versicolor} Extracts on L-929 Mouse Fibroblasts
I. Celebier, M. Ulusoy, E. C. Dede, S. Ceylan, E. A. Isci, H. Sevim, O. A. Gurpınar
203 Novel HPLC-based assay for measuring Thymidine kinase activity as a cancer biomarker
N. Zhelev, E. Kuzmanova, M. Spanou

361 Development of PCR test systems for the diagnosis of Сhlamydia in animals and birds
A. D. Kairzhanova, S. A. Manabayeva, S. Z. Eskendirova, A. A. Zhylkibayev, K. K. Mukanov, E. M. Ramanculov, A. B. Shevtsov
366 Occurrence assessment of Strongylus vulgaris on horse populations in Romania: preliminary data from larval cultures
M. C. Buzatu, I. L. Mitrea, M. Ionita
367 Epidemiological prerequisites for obtaining the status of free country by classical swine fever from the world organization for animal health
C. Coman, M.Gonciarov
371 Study regarding semen inoculation in cattle
P. A. Madalina, T. P.Rodian
375 Effect of probiotics use on postpartum uterine health and reproductive performances
M. Parvu, I. C. Andronie, V. E. Simion, E. Mitranescu, L. Tudor
448 Management practices used to reduce the impact of seasonal infertility on sow productivity in Romania
G. Panici, I. Petroman, C. Petroman, I. Merce, R. Ciolac, D. Marin
467 Coprological investigation on endoparasite community in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis), from center Romania
A. C. Paltin, M. Ionita, A. Bota, I. L. Mitrea
495 A retrospective study concerning the influence of the fluid temperature in peritoneal dialysis in cats
B. S. Bogdan, B. N. Alexandru, S. Alina, T. Corneliu, T. Miorita, S. Alexandru, D. Mircea, V. B. Alexandru
502 The decrease of bilirubin in dogs with acute renal injury undergoing hemodialysis
T. Miorita, B. N. Alexandru, S. Alina, T. Corneliu, B. S. Bogdan, D. Mircea, V. B.n Alexandru
497 A retrospective study concerning the frequency of fluid exchanges, the dwell time and their impact in peritoneal dialysis in dogs
Bociu N. A., Balascau S. B., Stefanescu A., Toader C., Toader M., Sonea A., Draghici M., Vitalaru B. A.
335 Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus (AMEV) infection requires at least one cellular glycosaminoglycan (GAG)
C. Inan, H. Muratoglu, B. Mumtaz Arif, Z. Demirbag
453 Constitutive expression of thermostable α-amylase from Bacillus licheniformis in Pichia pastoris
 A. Kiribayeva, E. Ramanculov, B. Khassenov
457 Expression and purification of recombinant human Oct4, Nanog, Sox2 and C-myc in E. coli
P. Lee, Y. Lee, S. Abeldenov, B. Khassenov, E. Ramanculov, V. Ogay
431 Concomitant determination of MIA and S100 proteins as prognostic factors in cutaneous malignant melanoma
M. Bolovan, S.Voinea, E. Panaitescu, A. Stanciu, A. Busca, S. Cinca, A. Sandru
432 Clinical and molecular characterization of SLC7A7A gene that located in 14q11.2 locus in a seconder infertile rare case with lysinuric protein intolerance
F. Silan, B. Paksoy, M. Urfali, T. Karakaya, O. Ozdemir
435 The microdeletion of 15q11.2 locus encompassing TUBGCP5, NIPA1, NIPA2, and CYFIP1 genes in an epileptic case with macrocephaly, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), speech and motor delay
O. Ozdemir, O. Yildiz, T. Karakaya, B. Paksoy, M. Urfali, F. Silan
437 A mental and motor retarded case with derivative chromosome 8p rearrangements:Genotype-phenotype correlation in a case report
F. Silan, T. Karakaya, O. Yildiz, B. Paksoy, M. Urfali, O. Ozdemir
438 A balanced non-reciprocal translocated case with recurrent abortions: The importance and validity of conventional cytogenetics analysis in balanced translocations detection when comparing to the MicroArray-CGH technique
O. Ozdemir, M. Urfali, B. Paksoy, T. Karakaya, O. Yildiz, F. Silan
504 The Comparison of Telomeric DNA Lenght in Different Biological Materials in Various Cancers by Real-Time PCR Amplification of Circulating Tumour DNA
M. Urfali, F. Silan, O. Ozdemir
333 Performance Characteristics and Comparison of DxN Veris System versus Qiagen PCR kit for Hepatitis B Virus Quantification
M. Sayan, A. Arikan, T. Sanlidag
360 Preparation of bacterial cellulose films with regenerative effect.
M. Y. Yazykova
394 Facelift: Threads as cosmetics biomedical devices
A. Kaptanoglu, S. Maden, E. Calikoglu, D. Muallaaziz
395 MiRNA expression and polymorphism of miRNA genes in the myocardial infarction
N. Baulina, I. Kiselev, G. Osmak, N. Matveeva, V. Bashinskaya, O. Kulakova, B. Titov, N. Kukava, R. Shakhnovich, O. Favorova
409 Comparative study on nutritional management in CKD
V. E. Simion, M. Parvu, E. Mitranescu, L. Tudor
410 Investigation on some selected Vector-Borne Pathogens and evaluation of co-infections in clinically suspected dogs, in Southern Romania
R. G. Anghel, V. A. Simion, I. L. Mitrea, M. Ioniţă
415 Insights on Trichinella-infection in domestic pigs and hunted game, on 2011-2015 period, in Romania
C. V. Buzatu, I. M. Nicorescu, I. L. Mitrea, M. Ionita
422 Chiari-like malformation associated with Syringomyelia in dogs. Review of 26 cases
C. A. Cucos, A. Barut, I. Ionascu, R. Constantinescu, C. Vlagioiu
428 Expression and purification of breast cancer marker HER2
A.Turgimbayeva, S. Abeldenov, N.Sarina, E. Ramanculov, S. Eskendirova, B. Khassenov
443 A False Positive Finding in 18F-FDG PET-CT Examination of patient With Colon Carcinoma
S. Ozdemir, Y. Z. Tan, L. Koral
491 Comparative study regarding the sensitivity of two cell lines used for the isolation of rabies virus
M. A.Dascalu, A. Servat, F. Daraban, O. I. Tanase, F. Cliquet, E.Velescu
500 The decrease of serum phosphorus in dogs with acute renal injury undergoing hemodialysis
S. Alina, B. N. Alexandru, B. S. Bogdan, T. Corneliu, T. Miorita, D. Mircea, V. B. Alexandru
501 The decrease of serum calcium in dogs with acute renal injury undergoing hemodialysis
D. Mircea, B. N. Alexandru, S. Alina, T. Corneliu, T. Miorita, Ba. S. Bogdan, V. B. Alexandru
503 The influence of hemodialysis on hemoglobin in dogs with acute renal injury
Vitalaru B. A., Bociu N. A., Balascau S. B., Toader C., Toader M., Draghici M., Stefanescu A.
442 The effect of watering frequency on the welfare quality of dairy cow
S. Popescu, C. Borda, E. A. Diugan, D. Oros, M. Niculae, C. D. Sandru
411 Thymus vulgaris L. and antibiotics in vitro synergistic activity against Staphylococcus aureus
I. C. Mates, S. Popescu, E. Pall, C. D. Sandru, M. Spinu, M. Niculae
462 Sarocladium strictum -as new producer of a complex trombolytic enzymes with plasminogen activator activity.
E. I. Kornienko, N. S. Fokichev, A. A. Osmolovsky, I. B. Kotova, T. S. Sharkova
523 Quality of drinking water in rural areas of western Romania with reference to parasites
K. Imre, A. Morar, M. Ilie, F. Hora, C. Badea, M. Imre
520 Development of biocatalysts on the basis of immobilized inulinase preparations
S. Olshannikova, M. Holyavka, V. Koroleva, A. Belenova, S. Makin, M. Kondratyev, A.Samchenko, A. Kabanov, D. Podporin, A. Kayumov, V. Artyukhov
446 Bioimaging of modified bacterial nanocellulose using optical and electron microscopy
A. N. Agafonov, M. Y.Yazykova, A.I. Sizova
519 Correlation of SUV max and anemia status on 18F-FDG PET-CT scan in oncological patients
Y. Z. Tan, S. Ozdemir, L. Koral
524 The effect of management practices on the welfare score of breeding horses
R. Giupana, E. A. Diugan, M. Spinu, M. Niculae, C. D. Sandru, S. Popescu
542 Monoclonal Antibody Development for Quantitative Analysis of Pancreatitis-Associated Protein
I. Bahhar, O. Ertekin, S. Pirincci, B. Ergenoglu, S. Arat, F. Yucel, E. Akcael
544 Rhinoscopy procedure importance in the diagnosis of the nasal cavity diseases
B. A. Bianca, I. V. Constantin, B. Fausto, N. Alexandru, S. Alexandru
544 Synchronization estrus in sheep Merinos of Palas in natural breeding season, using Chrono-Gest of type sponges (FGA)
L. Moise, V. Moise
576 Development of Immunoaffinity Column for Purification of Pancreatitis Associated Protein
E. Akcael, S. S. Pirincci, I. Bahhar, M. Divyapicigil, F. Yucel
581 Role Of Apoptosis In The Progress Of Coronary Total Occlusion
O. Kaplan, G. Demircan
571 Phytochemical screening, cytotoxic activity and antiangiogenic property of Basella rubra
A. Apoorva
393 Long-Pulsed NdYAG laser is an effective alternative for the treatment of onychomycosis
E. Calikoglu, S. Maden, D. Muallaaziz
474 Glucose biosensor based on whole cells of Aspergillus niger MIUG 34 coated with polypyrrole
R. M. Apetrei, G. Carac, G. Bahrim, P. Camurlu
590 Dietary phytochemicals as inhibitors of primary amine oxidase
P. Shanahan, J. O'sullivan, K. F. Tipton, G. Kinsella, B. Ryan, G. T. Henehan