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Dr. Mark Nuijten trained as a physician and worked in clinical practice before obtaining an international M.B.A. from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, with a focus on financial management. He obtained his PhD in health economics (2003) on the thesis “In search of more confidence in health economic modelling” at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Dr. Nuijten has become one of the top health economic experts over the last decade, reflected in more than 180 publications and leading positions in scientific societies and editorial boards. Dr. Nuijten was Board Director of ISPOR (2002-2004) and Chair of the Management Board of Value in Health (2002-2004). He was member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Value in Health. Dr. Nuijten is internationally renowned for achievements in mathematical modelling, also reflected in many publications and positive reimbursement decisions in many markets for innovative medications by institutions, like NICE in England.
He is a pioneer in the field of healthcare innovation in biotechnology and nutrition, and has been the first classical health economist successfully applying and developing sales forecast methodologies for valuation of biotechnology companies. For example, developing a Pricing Matrix Model for research in early phase development and a Financial Valuation Algorithm for the assessment of the future sales of a new, innovative medicinal product.
Dr Nuijten is pursuing development of economic modelling and broadening its application in health care and finance. His models successfully contributed to positive reimbursement decisions by health authorities in many countries, (for example, SMC in Scotland, TLV in Sweden, and The National Health Care Institute in The Netherlands).
He is academic supervisor of PhD programs at the Universities of Maastricht and Groningen in The Netherlands and founder of the ISPOR Special Interest Group on nutrition-economics.

Dr. Nuijten owns and runs A2M (Ars Accessus Medica -, which provides international consulting services in health economics, pricing, market access and valuation in biotechnology. A2M is a partner of Minerva, an international health economics consortium. A2M established other global collaborations with key opinion formers in key European markets, the US, Canada and Japan. A2M is comfortable with multi-country projects. The current A2M project portfolio reflects its long-time international coverage with health economic models being developed for Russia, Italy, Mexico, UK, France, Netherlands and Belgium.
Prior to setting up A2M, Dr. Nuijten was a partner with MEDTAP International. As a VP Business Development for Europe he established global Pricing and Reimbursement Consultancy Services for MEDTAP. Before MEDTAP, Dr. Nuijten was a Managing Director of the Quintiles office in the Netherlands.

Selected publications bridging health economics, pricing, market access and valuation

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