European Biotechnology Congress 2017 will be held under auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Madam Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.
General Information - Eurobiotech Congress 2017

General Information

Congress Dates
25 - 27 May 2017

Congress Venue
Rixos Libertas Dubrovnik

Official Language
Official language of the meeting and correspondence is English.

Congress Web Page
A web site has been created to allow the participants keep track of all announcements relating to the congress.

Name Badge
Name Badges must be worn to enter the scientific sessions, exhibition areas and all social activities.

Certificate of Attendance
Each participant will be given a Certificate of Attendance on the last day of the congress.

Invitation Letter
Registrants who require a letter of invitation will first need to complete the registration process for “EUROPEAN BIOTECHNOLOGY CONGRESS 2017” which will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia between 25 - 27 May 2017.

Visa for Croatia
For Turkish participants, here are the some necessary information about visa procedures. (Please follow the link)

About Dubrovnik

“Those who seek paradise on earth”, George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “should come to Dubrovnik”.

Assets of Dubrovnik:

Dubrovnik, one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean, a city with unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the 1272 Statute) and world-famous cultural heritage and beauty, is included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Dubrovnik also offers excellent opportunities for visitors. It boats a wide selection of hotels, high ecological standards and tourist attractions and is worth seeing in all seasons. Its geographical isolation is compensated for by high standards of transport and communications, particularly through air transport and fast hydrofoil boats.

Sightseeing in Dubrovnik requires several days. However, just a walk through Stradun and the city’s narrow streets and small squares, monumental ramparts and fortresses, provides enough opportunities to experience the millennial beauty of its shell-shaped urban core, centuries of building, stone-cutting, carving and engraving, the history of the Duke's Palace, libraries, the oldest pharmacy in Southern Europe, etc.

Dubrovnik offers a great choice of museums and galleries, which contain the jewels of Croatian heritage.

Useful Information

Location: Dubrovnik is a city in the south of the eastern Adriatic coast, the seat of the Dubrovnik - Neretva County, cultural and administrative centre.

The climate: Dubrovnik climate is mild Mediterranean, mostly warm and dry. The average annual temperature is 18 C, and has an average of 2600 annual sun-hours. Sunless days are very rare. The temperature ever falls below the freezing point, and snowing is an exception.

Currency: The local currency is Croatian Kuna (HRK). One Kuna is divided into 100 lipas, (lp). The Kuna is freely convertible on world currency markets, exchange rates are fixed daily on Croatian National Bank
1 EUR = ± 7,6 Kn 1 USD = ± 6,8 Kn

Dialing Code: +385 (national - Croatia), 20 (Dubrovnik area code).

Electricity: 220V/50Hz - Plugs are two round prongs.

GMT: +1

Health: It is recommended that every tourist should his own health insurance.

How to get here

Airport Transfer
Transfer from Dubrovnik Airport to Hotel Rixos Libertas, here can be seen the route.

Arrival by air: Dubrovnik airport is located 22 km from the City. It is served by several international airlines. / Croatia airlines Star Alliance partner, Lufthansa, BA, Austrian Airlines, Air Lingus, Europe Airpost, Blue 1, Air Mediterrane, Malev, Dubrovnik Airlines, Norwegianair, Hapag , Germanwings, Iberia, Jetairfly, Finnair, Vijeling, Europe Airpost, Monarch, Israir, Easyjet, Jet2, Bmi baby, Air Berlin, Thomsonfly, Thomas Cook Belgium, Ukraine Inter., Air Malta, Luxair, and others. Major European capitals are connected with Dubrovnik directly, and via Zagreb as well. Croatia Airlines - Star Alliance Partner is a Croatian National airline. Approximate air distance from European capitals is 1.00 to 2.00 hrs.

More information regarding the flights can be found at

Arrival by sea: Croatian liners link Dubrovnik along the Adriatic from port of Rijeka. Croatian liner connects Dubrovnik with Italian port Bari.You can arrive and visit Dubrovnik if you book a holiday on cruise with one of the cruise companies that call in Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a very well known port of call, and home port also. In 2015 there were 601 calls in Dubrovnik port with 864.852 passenger that have visited Dubrovnik.

Places of Interest

City Walls: The most recognizable feature which defines the history of Dubrovnik and gives it its characteristics, are its intact city wall with five fortresses that offer an unforgettable view over the city, the island of Lokrum and the open sea. The City Wall is the main attraction of the visitors.

The Old City: Dubrovnik is not built in a way to be admired from the car or coach. This is a place for pedestrians. Every spot and hidden corner has its own unique flavor which will make your memory to keep.

Cable Car: Panoramic view of Dubrovnik - Glide through the air on a scenic adventure. The ride offers breathtaking view of the old town of Dubrovnik, coastal sights with islands and magnificent sunset.
Dubrovnik top ten attractions -

Where to See

Revelin Fortress: A 16th century monumental fortress, a guardian of the eastern city gate of Dubrovnik with a large arched hall in the interior and a beautiful terrace the top overlooking the Old city and its harbour. Indoor seeting capacity for 500 people.

Lovrijenac Fortress: Rising proudly on a steep cliff, guardian of the western city gate from land and sea- Lovrijenac Fortress is nowadays one of the most famous stages in the world for performances of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Seeting capacity for 500 people.

Rector's Palace: The seat of the Rector of the glorious Dubrovnik Republic, a splendid 15th century Gothico- Renaissance palace with beautiful front porch with carved capitals and an elegant atrium with baroque staircase. Seeting capacity for 120 people.

Sponza Palace: A magnificent 16th century Renaissance palace with an atrium and arched gallery, one of the most elegant venues of Dubrovnik housing nowadays a precious collection of historical archives of the Dubrovnik Republic. Seeting capacity for 90 people.

Restaurant Klarisa: Behind Great Onofrio's Fountain lies the monastery of St. Klara, the best known and the most important of the eight monasteries for women in Dubrovnik. Later the monastery of St. Klara served various purposes, and after World War II, a restaurant called "Jadran" was opened within the monastery, which was later renamed "Libertas", and now named "Klarisa“. Total capacity 600, indoor and outdoor.

East West Beach Club: EASTWEST CLUB is a unique location with breathtaking view of the island Lokrum and City walls. It provides seats up to 220 guests inside and expanded outdoor patio can comfortably accommodate an additional 200 for your event.

Etnographical Museum: Ethnografical museum is situated in the old Granery Rupe built by Dubrovnik government in 1590. The Ethnografical museum can serve as a venue for organizing wine testings, various presentations, cocktails and buffet dinners for up to 150 participants.

Museum of Modert Art: Built in the neo-Renaissance style by Croatian architects as a private residential palace of a Dubrovnik ship owner, the Museum of Modern Art abounds in spacious exhibition rooms with an elegant stairway leading to a large terrace overlooking the old city of Dubrovnik.



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